Hospitality Solutions

Companies in the Hospitality Industry know it’s imperative to be productive at the back end to make the front end look good. Which is why it’s important to stock up on high-quality supplies and consumables.


We at Yashtech have got you covered from basic Hospitality needs to Kitchen Supplies! We cater to the needs of hotels and restaurants of all sizes in UAE with more than 600 restaurant consumables, including POS rolls, Labels, Thermometers, Weighing Scales, Knives and other Kitchen Consumables.


We are the partners of many establishments in the Hospitality Industry for Hygiene Solutions in UAE. From providing high quality Kitchen Thermometer in UAE to offering POS Solutions worldwide, we are known to meet a wide range of Hospitality consumable demands with bespoke and quality solutions. Our products include Food Labels, Customized Labels, Kitchen Thermometers, Label Printers and Date Gun Machine, Hygiene Items, First-Aid Kits and Refills, Portion Bags, POS Solutions and Paper Rolls, and Coffee Machines and Cleaning Chemicals.


We do Food Labelling in UAE meant for use on edibles like fruits, vegetables, sauces, snacks, condiments, seasonings, and semi-cooked and cooked food. Our Food Labels can withstand environmental conditions such as moisture, sunlight and various chemicals, without fading, bleeding or smudging.


Our Kitchen Day Coded Labels are available in Dissolvable Day Labels, Synthetic Day Labels, and Paper Removable Day Labels. We can also provide label dispensers that facilitate the physical application of labels on the packaging. Furthermore, we also offer Day Dot Labels, Octagon Day Labels, and Labels as per functional use such as Production/ Expiry Defrost Labels, Use-By Labels, Use-By Labels with MGR, and Use-By Labels with time. To streamline the inventory management system in the kitchen, we also provide Use-First Labels in Orange and Red.


Whether you want to promote a new product or expand your marketing efforts for Industrial needs, Logistics and Cargo, or Barcoding, we have got ideal customizable labels that serve the desired purpose efficiently. These include Warning Labels, Promotional Labels and Stickers, Barcode Labels, Lamination and UV Printing in Sheet/ Roll, Cargo Labels, Industrial Labels, Adhesive Labels, and Prime Labels.


When it comes to Kitchen Solutions, we provide a wide variety of Kitchen Thermometers in UAE. Our thermometer range includes Digital Thermometers, Oil Testers, pH Meters, Infrared Thermometers, Hygrometers, Freezer Thermometers, Espresso Thermometers, Dishwasher Thermometers, and Probe Thermometers. We also offer temperature Indicator Labels, Chlorine Test Strips, pH Test Strips, and Oil Test Strips. We are one of the leading providers of Kitchen Thermometers in UAE.


We are also one of the preferred partners for Kitchen Hygiene Solutions in UAE. Our range of kitchen hygiene products includes Hand Sanitizers, Disposable as well as Reusable Aprons, PE Jackets, Freezer Jackets, Hand Sleeves, Shoes Cover, Snood Covers, Hairnets, Face Shields, Face Masks, and a variety of gloves including PE Gloves, Three Finger Gloves, Metal Mesh Gloves, Oven Gloves, Freezer Gloves, Cut Gloves, Heat Resistant Gloves, Latex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, and Vinyl Gloves.

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