Retail/Supermarket & Hypermarket

The retail environment is always challenging. Making the shopper experience convenient is the key to grocery retail. We at YASHTECH with our knowledge and experience are here to make a difference with our Barcode Scanners and Labeling Machines for Retail and Supermarket.


You see a Barcode Label every time you buy stuff from the supermarket. The images that contain lines, bars, and spaces are almost in anything for the purpose of identification.


We as the leading Consumable Supplier in UAE, try to provide the best quality Barcode Scanner and Labeling Machine in UAE which increases efficiency and productivity at all the retail/supermarket places. Barcodes reduce data entry errors. The Barcode Scanner process is fast and reliable and it’s better than doing it manually. Using a Barcode Label Machine reduces employee training time as it is not difficult to understand how the barcode system works. The Barcode Scanner and Label Printer are cheap. With Barcodes, inventory control becomes better because they are more precise and faster in an attempt to find the location and calculate the quantity.


Yashtech is also a leading Weighing Scale Supplier in UAE. Weighing scale in supermarkets makes it easy for customers to zip through the queue process quickly than a traditional weight machine.


We offer a complete range of Customized and Innovative Barcode Labels as per International Standards. Not only do we have a full variety of Plain and Pre-printed Barcode Label, but we customize Barcode Label with Logo and Brand Name. Whether you require Barcode Scanner or a Label Printer for automated scanning, check-out loss prevention, grocery check-out, product & pricing management, inventory, we equip you to produce high-quality, readable barcode labels for any kind of application.

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