Testing Stripes

Temperature Indicator Labels

Temperature Indicator Labels

Temperature Indicator Labels are temperature monitors comprising one or more small heat-sensitive indicators sealed under transparent, heat-resistant windows.

Chlorine Test Strips

Chlorine Test strips

Chlorine Test Strips are specially designed to measure the concentration of chlorine or bleach in sanitising solutions. The bleach test strips measure chlorine with accurate and simple to read results.

pHTest Strips

pHTest strips

pH test strips are accurate and easy to use. It helps you make sure that the pH balance in your foods, water, or beverages is correct and on a healthy level.

Oil Test Strips

Oil Test Strip

Oil test strips are used to measure the level of Free Fatty Acids (FFA) present in cooking oil used for deep frying. The test strips do not measure the level of Total Polar Compounds (TPC) present in cooking oil.